Commercial Booths

2016 Blueberry Jubilee

Commercial Booths and Displays

2016 Arts & Crafts Application Download

  1. Craft spaces measure approximately 12 ft. by 12 ft.  If all of your items will not fit into your 12 x 12 booth, you will need to purchase additional space.  All vendors will be required to park in vendor parking.  Transportation will be provided from vendor parking to booth spaces for those that are handicapped or disabled.  Notify a council member (at the Mississippi Power drive-thru) before parking.
  1. Space fee is $20 for non-profit booths, $60.00 for arts and crafts booths and $120.00 for Commercial booths (Check or Money Order)until May 15.
  1. Final deadlines for applying are:
    May 1, 2016-Returning vendors wanting same spot
    May 15, 2016-New Vendors

After May 1, 2016, booth space fees must be paid with cash, cashier’s check or money order.  A $50.00 late charge will be charged for any applications received after May 15 and must be paid with cash, cashier’s check or money order. 

  1. An application is a commitment to show, with no refund for cancellation.  Spaces are not transferable so you cannot sublet your space.
  1. This is a family-oriented Jubilee.  Work and individual conduct must be in keeping with the atmosphere. The Jubilee Council has sole discretion for removal of vendor violating Jubilee rules.
  1. The Blueberry Jubilee Council will not be responsible in any way for damages to the work or persons participating in the show. Limited overnight parking is available.
  1. Photos required: Submit 3 photos showing you assembling the item(s) that you will sell.
  1. Entry fee, photos, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (for your confirmation packet and returned photos) must accompany application. Make sure photos fit in the envelope.  Checks will be deposited upon acceptance. Should your application be rejected, your check will be returned promptly. No postdated checks will be accepted.

9.      Setup time:
Friday, June 10 (5:30 p.m. to dark)
Absolutely no setup before 5:30!  Vendors who attempt to set up prior to 5:30 will be asked to leave and space fee will not be refunded.  Vendors who arrive prior to 5:30 on Friday will need to report to vendor parking until time to set up.
Saturday, June 11 (6:30 to 7:30 a.m.)
After 7:30 a.m. please park in vendor designated areas. (Map will be included in the confirmation packet.)  No vehicles will be allowed to remain in the area.  Vehicles in the area between 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. will be towed at the owner’s expense, and the violators can be assessed a $100 fine and lose their booth space.  The Blueberry Jubilee Council makes the final decision.

10.     Take Down Time: June 11 (4:00 to 5:00 p.m.)
No vehicles will be admitted in area before 4:00 p.m. Vendors that attempt to pack up or enter the area before 4:00 p.m. will not be accepted in the future.   Return tax envelope to the information booth at MS Power Building. 

11.     No wearing apparel bearing “Blueberry Jubilee” may be sold except by the Jubilee Council.  No use of the Blueberry Jubilee artwork will be allowed.

12.     No political information of any kind will be allowed in any booth.


  • Crafts

Painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, pottery, dolls, weaving, quilt-making, original needlework, woodwork, handmade jewelry, metal work, basket-making, etc. Commercial items are not allowed to be mixed with crafts. If commercial items are in booth, vendors will be asked to remove them. If not removed, vendor will be asked to leave, forfeit booth space fee, and not be accepted in the future.  Electricity (110 volt 15 amps) is available in limited areas for an additional fee.  Vendors that use electrical outlets without permission will be asked to leave, forfeit booth space fee, and not be accepted in the future.  Vendors are responsible for their own extension cords.

  • Commercial Booth Displays

This group is for specialty items approved by the Jubilee Council. Items that compete with crafters will not be allowed. No display will be allowed to block other vendors from being seen.  Electricity is not available in commercial booths.

Please send completed application with payment to Blueberry Jubilee Council to:

Connie Williams
P.O. Box 4
Poplarville, MS 39470
(601) 463-0584
Fax: (601) 795-0651
See us at