Blueberry Products

Blueberry Products
 2020 Blueberry Products Application. Click here

Booth spaces are available in the blueberry products section. You may sell blueberry plants, blueberry products or other fruit or fruit products. Please fill out and return the Registration Form.
This is an excellent opportunity to sell blueberries, blueberry plants and blueberry products. Also sold in the blueberry products section, of the Blueberry Jubilee, are other fruits and vegetables, fruit plants, ornamental plants, and products from other fruits and vegetables. The theme of the event is blueberries but you can also expand your booth with other items. If you haven’t participated in the past we hope you will consider doing so this year. We always need more blueberry fruit, products and plants to satisfy the crowds.
Even if you don’t decide to have a booth space at the Blueberry Jubilee, we encourage you to attend. There is a lot of food, entertainment, crafts and blueberries and related products. We are sure you will have an enjoyable day.
Chairman of Blueberry Products: Eric Stafne