2018-Pageant Results



Baby Miss Blueberry:

(Left to Right) Vanna Cutrer-Blueberry Beauty and Photogenic, Lillian Renee Carr- Blueberry Beauty, Jennyn Owen-1st Alternate, Addison Cole- Baby Miss Blueberry 2018, Darci Ladner-2nd Alternate





Toddler Miss Blueberry:

Phoenix Hughes-Blueberry Beauty, Blakely Hines-Blueberry Beauty, Aranna Johnson-Blueberry Beauty, Adalyn Kelly-Blueberry Beauty, Madlyn Naquin- 1st Alternate, Kalliope Lee-2nd Alternate and Photogenic Winner, Talya Colson- Blueberry Beauty, Kylee Williamson- Toddler Miss Blueberry 2018, Harlow Muela- Blueberry Beauty, Paislee Hardy-Blueberry Beauty, Annlee Jo Mitchell- Blueberry Beauty




Wee Miss Blueberry:

Everleigh Coleman-Blueberry Beauty, Avery Kelly- Wee Miss Blueberry 2018 and Photogenic Winner, Bailee Smith- Blueberry Beauty, Annistyn Ladner-1st Alternate, Aribella Cagle- 2nd Alternate, Scarlette Shiveley- Blueberry Beauty



Tiny Miss Blueberry 2018:

Lexi Applewhite- 1st Alternate, Kinsley Williams- 2nd Alternate, Kylee Magee- Blueberry Beauty, Ava Lee- Blueberry Beauty, Bristol Odom- Blueberry Beauty, Bentley Richard- Tiny Miss Blueberry 2018 and Photogenic Winner



Mini Miss Blueberry:

Briston Korczak- 1st Alternate, Ryleigh Baughman- Blueberry Beauty, Brynnen Smith- 2nd Alternate, Kinzlee Rodriguez- Mini Miss Blueberry 2018 and Photogenic Winner






Little Miss Blueberry 2018:

Ava Kelly- 1st Alternate, Macy Hall- Little Miss Blueberry 2018








Junior Miss Blueberry 2018:

Moriah Rester- Junior Miss Blueberry 2018 and Photogenic Winner, Natalie Hall- Junior Miss Blueberry 2018







Teen Miss Blueberry 2018:

Jaidyn Durning- Blueberry Beauty, Makayla Rester- Blueberry Beauty, Karlee Rodriguez- Blueberry Beauty, Madison Rester- Blueberry Beauty, Anna Catherine Barnett- 2nd Alternate, Peyton Barber- 1st Alternate, Rose Seals- Blueberry Beauty, Abigail Stockstill- Blueberry Beauty, Leah Katherine Adcox- Teen Miss Blueberry 2018 and Photogenic Winner


2018-missMiss Blueberry 2018:

MacKenzie Pharr- 1st Alternate, Gabrielle Benefield- Blueberry Beauty and Photogenic Winner, Payton Hartfield- Miss Blueberry 2018, Amber Smith- 2nd Alternate